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Collectives Air filtration systems  

R. Eyal Systems ltd was founded in 2010 with a goal to develop and supply quality collective protection air filtration systems for a competitive price.

Our Range of products include both residential Air filtration systems & commercial air filtration systems.

All our products have been tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institute (SII) & the home front command.

We are an ISO 9001 Certified company.

Our Manufacturing plant located in northern Israel, in the city of Afula, employs 10-15 employees.

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Unique and compact design integrating with the room everyday use.

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Quality Assurance

Our factory is ISO9001 approved and quality assurance is in the heart of our production process.

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Customer Service

We put our customers first. Taking care of our client's  needs is the most important part of our service.

Saar an innovative home filtration system 

an innovative home filtration system 

In 2010, Israel has decided to protect all its citizens against a potential chemical attack. 

All buildings since then are installed with an air filtration system within the protective room.

Our systems, both residential and commercial, are designed and manufactured according to home land requirements and SII 4570 mandatory standard. 

The unique compact design creates a minimal interference in the room design and use during  peace time.

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10 Year Warranty

Patent Pending

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Compact Design

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